Xtreye Golf Laser Rangefinder

Easily track your golf shots by keeping an eye on the ball.

Xtreye Golf Laser Rangefinder

Easily track your golf shots by keeping an eye on the ball.
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Xtreye Golf Laser Rangefinder
Xtreye Golf Laser Rangefinder

Xtreye Golf Rangefinder

Want to reach the Green or lay up in front of the bunker, but not sure which club to use to get there? Never guess again with the Xtreye Laser Rangefinder.

Ergonomic & Lightweight

This ergonomically designed, lightweight yet durable and has Anti Shake Technology.

Precise Accuracy

Highly accurate and will give readings within +/- 0.5m of the target from 5-600 metres away (7–656 yards).

Weather Proof

Don’t let rain stop play. The Xtreye Laser Rangefinder is IP54 rated meaning it is water and dust proof.

Pin Finder Mode

Focus on the Pin, press the button and once the distance is measured (less than two seconds) the Rangefinder will vibrate to let you know it has locked onto the flag and display the distance.

Scan Mode

Perfect for multiple hazards, press and hold the button whilst moving between hazards. Releasing the button will stop the analysis and display the distance to the last hazard that was measured.

Slope Technology

Slope compensation technology measures the angle of incline/decline then re-calculates your adjusted distance, ensuring you select the correct club every time.

The Slope compensation feature can be turned off to acquire linear distance to the pin when needed, for example Tournament Play.

6x Magnification and Anti-Shake Technology

High Performance Optics, 6X Zoom, Focus Adjuster and Anti-Shake Technology ensure the Pin or Hazards are displayed clearly no matter how far away from them you are (max. distance 600m).

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