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Aura 4K Android TV Freeview Play Recorder

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Over 40,000 hours of on demand TV for free

Best combination of Freeview HD, catch-up services and Netflix with the ability to watch something that's already been aired in the past 7 days.

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Watch, play and do more on your TV

Android TV makes it easier to get more from your TV. Download your favourite apps and games from the Google Play Store and start customising your entertainment experience.

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Simple to use, all you need is an aerial

For those looking for a simple smart solution to get away from lengthy subscription based TV.

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Humax Wi-Fi Smart Plug
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Still unsure? FAQs

  • How do I know which model is right for me?

    A. You'll need to check what type of TV signal comes in to your household. This is usually either satellite (dish) or terrestrial (roof aerial).

    Freesat models:
     Work with most satellite dishes including standard Sky dishes (Please note: Sky Q satellite dishes are not compatible).
    Freeview and YouView models: Are both great choices if you have a terrestrial aerial installed on your property. Indoor aerials are also an option, but we recommend roof aerials as they tend be more reliable. 

    If you have decided which connection type is right for you, the rest is simple. Choose a recorder with one of the hard drive sizes* below:
    500GB: record up to 250 hours
    1TB: record up to 500 hours
    2TB: record up to 1000 hours
    No hard drive: these models are receivers only with no built in hard drive

    *Estimated results based on testing. Content storage capacity may vary for each model.

  • Why buy a Humax set top box?

    A. Humax is the industry leader in subscription-free set top boxes and we're proud of our products. In fact, many of our current Freesat and Freeview Play models have received numerous awards, including Which? Best Buys. That's not all, the reviews on our website are from genuine customers, so you can always buy with confidence.

  • What channels are available?

    A. Services change from time to time so we recommend checking the official service providers channel and app lists available here:
    Freesat Channels
    Freeview Channels
    YouView Channels